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Al-Bakri Group

A Premier Silkscreen Printing Retailer

AL-Bakri group Based in Damascus, Syria was found in 1955 specialists in screen printing textiles industry which offers the widest range of screen printing supplies. Our products range to keep up with your demands and satisfy all of your desires. We guarantee providing excellent quality products with perfect color reproduction to contribute in your daily life.

• The founder

Had work at a Manufacturing Company for 10 years he decided to quit and start his own business.

He knew that he had to go in his own way to Achieve his ambitions. he used the experience he gained from his former job and the many training courses he attended Abroad to start a small business that he hoped it would be one of the leading businesses in the field one day.


• Start up, till now We started in a small workshop, with only three workers working on two manual printing tables and one industrial washing machine. However, we are continuously expanding our team, at the same time our range of products, to keep up with your increase of the demand. Today, we export to more than 10 countries around the world, operating on full automatic machines and depending on a team of specialists to produce high-quality products.

• Our vision

“ help turn your creativity into reality“
We pride ourselves on having the ability to complete specialized custom jobs.

With our experienced and creative team we can guarantee offering excellent quality-price ratio, with perfect color reproduction durable personalized items.

• Our techniques

Screen printing is the process of transferring a stenciled design onto a flat surface using a mesh screen, ink and squeegee.

Fabric, paper, wood, metal, plastic and glass are commonly used.

Silk-screen printing has been used for more than 100 years in commercial artistic factor, and is considered most suitable method to print onto products of various sizes and materials.

Step by step through the process:

1- creating the design

Before even having conceptualized the design to be created, our designers put in consideration the needs of the customer and their purpose. studying our customers helps us create a better design that speaks to them.
The final design then, will be printed out onto an acetate film.

2- The screen is prepared

We choose a suitable mesh screen, depending on the complexity of the design and the texture of the material to be printed. The screen then is coated with a layer of emulsion which hardens when exposed to bright light.

3- exposing then washing the emulsion

Place the acetate film featuring the desired design on the coated mesh screen and expose it to bright light, the light will harden the emulsion except for the areas covered by the design. wash your mesh screen after being exposed to light for the required set of time, where all the unhardened, covered by the design, will be rinsed away leaving clear imprint of the design on the screen. leave your screen to dry.

4- printing

Having put the product to be printed on the printer table, place the screen on the printing press, then a squeegee is used to pull ink along the full length if the screen. The ink will pass through the open areas of the screen printing the design on the product underneath it.

5- checking quality

The final product must be checked for having a smooth, colorfast finish before being passed on for the customer.

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